Chain Stopper


A fitting used to secure the  anchor chain when riding at anchor, thereby relieving the strain on the windlass, and also for securing the anchor in the housed position in the hawsepipe.

Chain stopper usually consists of two parallel vertical plates mounted on a base with a pivoting bar or pawl which drops down to bear on a chain link.

Available size:
From 12mm up to 60mm


  • Steering Gear
  • Light Windlass
  • Winch
  • Marine Crane
  • Windlass
  • Pneumatic Fender
  • Airbag
  • SDEC Engine SC33W Series
  • G Series Marine Engine
  • SDEC Project References
  • HEFER G128 Marine Genset and 6135 Emergency Genset
  • Sand Carrier, SDEC SC15G Series
  • Crane Barge
  • 12.6m Launch Passenger Boat
  • 17m Crew Boat
  • Engine Room Spaces 17m Passenger Ferry
  • Catamaran Ferry
  • Trimaran Ferry
  • 15m Launch Boat
  • 14.5 Launch Boat
  • 100 Feet Diving Leisure Craft
  • 26.9m OPL Supply Boat
  • SC7H Series Main Engine, 10m Mooring Boat
  • Tug Boat
  • 26m Towing Tug
  • Wooden Fishing Boat
  • 13m Crew Boat
  • Les Star Pte Ltd Crew Boat
  • Accomodation Ladders
  • Fireproof Lifeboat
  • Hydraulic Capstan
  • Air Operated Diaphagram Pump
  • Hefer Gear Oil Pump
  • Hefer Single Screw Pump G30-1
  • Diesel Engine Windlass U2 Single / Double Gypsy
  • Hydraulic Windlass U2 Single /Double Gypsy
  • Stockless Jis Anchor
  • Anchor Shackle
  • Kenter Shackle
  • Stud Link Anchor Chain
  • Swivel Piece

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